January 30, 2012

OAT Shoes

I am always looking for new innovations in footwear and in my travels came across this company called OAT shoes from the Netherlands. Their shoes are made from biodegradable materials that allow you to bury the shoes in the ground once you have worn them out and they will break down (in an ideal environment) by 90% in 6 months. They have also included, in the tongue of the shoe a packet of seeds so when you do bury them your shoe will grow flowers, how cool is that!!

What they are made of remains a secret to some extent, as of course the company will not want to let go of their secret, but these shoes are not only environmentally-friendly but also quite stylish!
As of now they only make styles for men, but I am hoping that women's shoes will soon follow.  Ladies, if you are looking for new kicks for your men, OAT shoes are sure to be a hit!!

Below are the different styles they make now and you can purchase them online if you live within the EU. Due to the seed packet, they are not allowed to ship world-wide just yet.
Website: http://www.oatshoes.com/
Video online of the shoe collection: http://vimeo.com/29143453http://vimeo.com/29143453

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