October 31, 2011

A Little Bit of Sunshine on an Otherwise Dreary Day

For those of you who might already be feeling the winter blues, (even though it has yet to really start) I bring you a bit of sunshine by way of Chrissie Morris.

Chrissie Morris has been working in the fashion industry for years, but officially launched her shoe collection in 2007.  This British designer is a master at working with textures and the Spring/Summer 2012 line is an absolutely beautiful example of what she is capable of.

I don't know about you, but these shoes have me planning my winter getaway to someplace warm and sunny!

To see more of Chrissie Morris' collection visit:



Welcome to the very first post of Amuse Shoes!!

 The name is a take on Amuse Bouche, it felt appropriate considering my goal is to delight your eyes and mind with everything I can possibly think of related to shoes. 

I am a self-proclaimed fashion junkie with an extreme passion for shoes.  I eat, live and breath shoes and cannot resist a new pair whenever I pass a store on the street or while searching the Internet (much to the disappointment of my husband).  

Accessories are key in fashion, but shoes I think are particularly special as they can truly affect your mood. I can wake up feeling like the day is going to be terrible but if I put on a great pair of shoes... I feel like super woman!

I know I am not alone in my worshipping at the altar of shoes, so I hope with this blog I can amuse the senses of you shoe enthusiasts out there. 

A little personal tid bit about myself to share with you below:

My Wedding Shoes!! Like any true shoe junkie I vowed to wear Louboutin's that day.
My favourite day in my favourite shoes.

photo by: Heather Funk.