October 31, 2011


Welcome to the very first post of Amuse Shoes!!

 The name is a take on Amuse Bouche, it felt appropriate considering my goal is to delight your eyes and mind with everything I can possibly think of related to shoes. 

I am a self-proclaimed fashion junkie with an extreme passion for shoes.  I eat, live and breath shoes and cannot resist a new pair whenever I pass a store on the street or while searching the Internet (much to the disappointment of my husband).  

Accessories are key in fashion, but shoes I think are particularly special as they can truly affect your mood. I can wake up feeling like the day is going to be terrible but if I put on a great pair of shoes... I feel like super woman!

I know I am not alone in my worshipping at the altar of shoes, so I hope with this blog I can amuse the senses of you shoe enthusiasts out there. 

A little personal tid bit about myself to share with you below:

My Wedding Shoes!! Like any true shoe junkie I vowed to wear Louboutin's that day.
My favourite day in my favourite shoes.

photo by: Heather Funk.

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