November 20, 2012

Trend Spotlight: Wedge Sneakers

I don't normally wear sneakers/trainers as I am quite small and therefore prefer to be teetering on heels as often as possible! So unless am off to the gym, sneakers do not figure into my wardrobe.

A while back I started to see celebrities in Hollywood running around with these wedge sneakers by Isabel Marant and ever so often I would think "hmmm maybe, but am not convinced they looked a bit too clunky for me"  Well, it seems the trend has caught on as many a brand are making the wedge sneaker and I figured it was time to jump on this bandwagon and get a pair! I bought the 'Thelma' by Ash (see below) and completely love it!

Below are my picks for the best non-clunky looking wedge sneakers out there.


Guiseppe Zanotti, Wedge Zip Sneaker 

ASH 'Thelma' Wedge Sneaker Back

See by Chloe Leather Wedge High-Top Sneakers

Isabel Marant Internal Wedge sneaker
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Leather Crown Wedge Sneaker
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Jimmy Choo 'Panama' Wedge Sneaker

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