October 12, 2012

Love Affair...With Valentino

I seriously cannot get enough of this collection. Last night I was doing a bit of internet "window shopping" which is basically where I shop my brains out online by placing items into a shopping cart but then I don't actually buy anything.  This is what I do when I am low on funds but still need a shopping fix. Pathetic I know, but at least it helps quell the urge in the moment and helps me relax.

Anyway, I came across the ankle boot (shown below) and literally fell in love! I cannot stop thinking about these shoes so I decided to do a post on Valentino.

Here are the shoes from the "Rock Stud" collection.  I plan on putting some funds aside to buy these lovely boots and if I could would buy every single one of these lovelies.


Yummy! I can imagine a million outfits for these.

oh! it is so hard to choose, what a beautiful tone of Nude.

This combination of Red and Nude with the studs is just too AMAZING

I mean really, am at a loss, just too too lovely!

I would wear these everywhere, The perfect flat!

photosource: http://www.valentino.com

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