May 22, 2012

K. Jacques, The Quintessential Summer Sandal

Hello Fellow Fashion Lovers,
I have bin a bit lax in my posts recently and I apologise, unfortunately, my personal life took over the last couple of months and time just got away from me. I have missed all of you though and now am back to kick off summer in a big way. I recently have been dreaming of a getaway to a sunny and sandy place with fabulous cocktails and of course in true fashionista style, the first question that comes to mind is what should I wear?  K. Jacques sandals of course!! K. Jacques was started in the 1930's by an armenian immigrant, Mr. Jacques Keklikian. He opened his first shop in St. Tropez and made all his sandals made to measure. This brand quickly became popular with celebrities at the time and since then has grown to become an international family business. K. Jacques sandals are synonymous with summer and every fashion lover should own a pair or two, so If you happen to be in St. Tropez you can pick up a pair at any of their three shops or online at several outlets:,, Below are just a few of the styles.


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