February 12, 2012

Steiger Shoe Atelier

In my travels of researching the shoe world I keep running across a shoe with a very distinct heel, it's bent back and visually looks like you would be performing a feat of acrobatics trying to walk in them. Well, I am pleased to say that I finally discovered who makes these incredibly interesting shoes!, Walter Steiger. Walter Steiger is a shoe atelier that was started in the 1930's  and has remained until today a family-run business. They have collaborated with some of the biggest names in fashion such as Oscar De La Renta, Karl Lagerfeld and Calvin Klein. Walter Steiger has been a major influence on modern-day footwear design and are known for a minimal design, a high-level of craftsmanship and the use of only the very best materials.
 Recently, they opened a "Steiger Bottier", a Parisian studio dedicated to made-to-measure shoes for Men and Women. This is a luxury well worth paying for! If I ever have the pleasure of visiting and acquiring a pair, I would be the happiest girl in the world!

Oh! and this crazy heel shaped like a comma?... believe it or not creates great stability and are quite comfortable!

See below for some of the most recent designs in the collection, as well as a photo of the Steiger Bottier.

Inside the "Steiger Bottier", oh to be so lucky!!

photo source: www.waltersteiger.com

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  1. I love the curved heels, but I think that the heel would break still wear them though.