February 19, 2012

F/W 2012 Fashion Week Live Streams, What is your opinion?

I don't know if I have been living under a rock and all of you already know this, but I am amazed and pleasantly surprised at how most designers are streaming their shows live for fall/winter 2012.

I am thrilled to be sitting here awaiting the anticipation of the start of a show and getting to watch it from the comfort of my own home as it is happening! I of course would love to be sitting at the shows themselves, (Let's face it, any self-respecting fashion lover would!) but so far this platform to me is the next best thing.

I keep thinking about how technology on different levels has brought fashion-lovers closer to a world that we might not have much access to otherwise. Let's take blogs for example: they are a means for people to communicate their interests and feed their love of whatever it may be in a very accessible manner. It gives people a form of expression and allows us to reach a mass audience worldwide, I dare to say it validates us on some level.

Twitter is ideal for spreading the word quickly. It is an ideal way for people to connect and disseminate information in under 140 characters from the comfort of a phone while on the go or on a computer from anywhere at anytime.

In fashion, I think these forms of communication allow us to follow great artists and commentators and feel an immediate connection that before technology would have never existed. I really enjoy hopping on twitter at any time of day and seeing the comments coming from those I follow about the latest news from the front rows at fashion week. Comments about the backstage last minute preps and who is wearing what that day at the shows, I feel this connection that I otherwise would not get from an article I might read a month later or even a day.

I remember when my fashion fix came from my monthly subscriptions to magazines like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar or Elle and I couldn't wait each month until a new issue arrived and I could devour as much fashion news as humanely possible. Before these developments in technology, I had to wait an entire month for that news and now we can acquire that immediate gratification via the internet on different platforms like blogs or twitter or visually through programs like instagram.  I am still a magazine junkie don't get me wrong, and for me the tangibility of a magazine can never be replaced however, I now combine the Internet and magazines to get my fashion fix. The internet is how we get fast snippets of information on whatever we want to know and magazines serve as a lasting acknowledgement of a great show, or a wonderful editorial on the latest trends, or some fabulous article we want to pour over and contemplate.

I would be really interested to know what all of you think about how the Internet and developments in technology have affected us?   Is it bringing us together and allowing us to have a piece of this once unattainable world? or does it make you feel even further away? Is knowing more right away overwhelming? or does it engage you and make you crave more?

My two cents as I take in Fashion Weeks across the globe via Live Stream. Keep the comments coming!

Amuse Shoes

Finale at Marios Schwab, London Fashion Week
Taken earlier today on my computer as I watched.


  1. Love how unique your blog is - everything's so fun & really chic!!


    1. Thanks Lucija! Glad you like it :)