September 25, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Kobi Levi...Shoe Art at It's Finest

I love it when shoe designers get really creative and shoes truly become a work of art. Kobi Levi has to be the most creative shoe designer I have ever come across. I don't know if I would wear these or just simply display them, they are just too fun and unique to wear and risk ruining in any way.

Kobi Levi hails from Tel Aviv, Israel and started designing shoes as a teenager out of cardboard!
He graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 2001 and then started freelancing as a shoe designer. As his own creative outlet, he started creating his own designs that really challenged the norm in shoe design and uploading these designs to a blog he started in 2010. He gained quite the following and his business has now grown to include a shop in Tel Aviv where he designs and makes all his shoes by hand. They are made in limited quantities and of the highest quality materials.

Kobi has a Website where you can purchase his shoes: KOBILEVI.

This will definitely be a designer to watch for shoe collectors everywhere!  Tip: Lady Gaga is already a fan, she wore his double boot design in her "Born this Way" video.

Here are some of Kobi's lovely creations below:

"Flamingo", I think the shoe says it all


"Swan", elegant and graceful lik a swan itself

"Contemporary Chinese", The inspiration is a fiery dragon

"Miao" Like a Cat about to leap out in front of you

"Banana" Kobi envisioned Banana as a slipper, oh the irony...

"Coffee Porcelain" Coffee dripping out of a cup forms the heel

"Blow" Imagine what you will

"Mother and Daughter" Meant to depict the special bond between mother and child

"Blonde Ambition" Madonna and her famous cone bra

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